As a not-for-profit Elmwood Cemetery Columbarium purchases are tax exempt.

Currently, there are vacancies in both the Columbariums.

Our new Columbarium II consists of 100 niches, each capable of holding two standard urns.

Facing south, these Columbariums have access to the north entrance road of the Cemetery and a walkway.

Numbering from left to right Niches are available for $2,000.00 per unit. The rows are ten units wide and the Columbarium is five units tall.

There is an opening and closing fee for each internment of $500.00. 

Columbarium I consists of ninety-six niches with the north niches having a two-urn capacity and the east/west niches having a three-urn capacity. The south and west-facing niches in Columbarium I are sold out.






The pricing in this Columbarium is the same as the other, regardless of capacity.



Two urns in an open niche.