“Come to me, all who labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest” (Matthew 10:22).

Our Mission:

To provide an appreciation of the deceased in a place of beauty and peace, comforting families and individuals by meeting their final needs with compassion and dignity. 

We offer you lots and columbarium niches for your final resting place:  

Single and double lots; Single lots hold a casket or 2 urns if needed. Double lots can hold 2 caskets and 2 urns or 6 urns.

We have a flat maker area as well with single and double lots available.

We also have an Urn Garden with flat makers only and a Baby Land with single lots and flat markers only.

Finally, we have outdoor columbariums which provides niches. A single niche holds 2 urns and a double niche holds 3 urns.